Established in 1991, Bay Area Family Therapy Training Associates (BAFTTA) was the first Narrative Therapy Training Center in North America. Director and Co-Founder, Jeff Zimmerman, is internationally recognized as a therapist, teacher, and writer of Narrative Therapy ideas. We have always had an active practice serving adults, children, adolescents, couples and families. Additionally, BAFTTA assists local schools by providing trained and supervised therapists and consults with school administrators and teachers.

BAFTTA is well known in the International Narrative Community, as well as around the San Francisco Bay Area, as the West Coast teaching hub of Narrative Therapy— bringing in presenters from all over the world to offer workshops for local and national practitioners. Over the years, we have produced well trained therapists in our approach— many becoming teachers, trainers and writers in the psychotherapy field.

Narrative Therapy is both collaborative and positive, and does not require clients to be saddled with negative descriptions of themselves. For more information about Narrative Therapy, please check out this link to, "What is Narrative Therapy," written by Alice Morgan and hosted on the Dulwiche Centre Website.


Jeff has extensive experience helping clients battle problems such as anxiety and depression, work issues, behavioral problems and growing up difficulties. He has written about, and helped many couples push aside the problems that have taken over their relationship. He is experienced in working with medical systems and problems that cut across the disciplines, such as pain and chronic illness effects.

Currently, he is writing about the influence of brain science on psychotherapy in general, and on Narrative Therapy in particular. As such, mindfulness and attention to the body are being combined with the Narrative approach. If you are curious about Jeff's work with brain science and narrative therapy, you might be interested in this video presented to Dulwiche Centre's Friday Videos. It is entitled, "Principles of Neurobiologically Informed Narrative Therapy."